Rocker Arm Assembly
(small machine shown)

Screen and Spray Arm Assembly
(small machine shown)

Screen and Spray Arm Assembly
(large machine shown)


for the



For ease of shipping, the crated seed separator arrives partially disassembled.  The screen assembly and spray arm must be reattached to the machine prior to use.  


     1.     The screen support braces, which are folded up for shipping, must be folded down to

             form the triangular support.  The upper and lower braces are connected with the 5/16” of 3/8"
             bolts provided.
Several mounting holes are provided for adjustment of the screen action
             and angle during use.

     2.     Remove the screen assembly from the side of the crate, unwrap and remove the 5/8”

             shaft from the screen section.  With the Allen wrench provided, loosen the set

             screws on the end of the red rocker arms.  Insert the 5/8” shaft through one rocker

             arm, through the screen and into the other rocker arm.  Center the 5/8” rod in the

             rocker arms and tighten the set screws on the rocker arms. 

     3.     Attach the screen assembly to the support braces with the 3/8” bolts provided.  The

             screen will stand above the braces on the rod-end bearings.  The angle of the rod-

             end bearings will affect the rolling and shaking action of the screen assembly. 

     4.     The spray arm is used mainly for drier vegetables such as peppers and eggplant.

             Tomatoes usually have enough of their own juice to wash the seeds through the

             screen.  The spray arm is attached to the upper support brace with the 5/16” bolts

             provided.  The sprayer hose is attached to the male hose connection on the valve

             assembly.   The spray nozzles are adjustable with a short screwdriver.

     5.     With a standard grease gun, lubricate each of the eight fittings (ten on a gasoline

             powered model) on the seed separator.  A suggested maintenance schedule can be
             found in the Operating Instructions on this website

                  a.     Two flange bearings on the red beater shaft

                  b.     Two pillow block bearings on the cam shaft underneath

                  c.     Two rod end bearings attached to the cams (grease before each use)

                  d.     Two bronze bushings on the red rocker arms

                  e.     Two pillow block bearings on the jack shaft (Gasoline powered only)


At the left are some pictures of a seed separator.  Please use these as a guide for the assembly of your machine.